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Best Apps & Technology for Tennis Players

We have to take advantage of today´s technologies

Today´s world advances at an extremely fast pace, technology is transforming our lives in every single way and tennis is no different. There are many new technology tools out there available for tennis players and we can take advantage of them. Many times we do not know they even exist that is why today we are bringing up some technology that might help tennis players in their daily life.


Players Benefits is an app created for tennis players to reduce the costs of travelling (hotels, flights, rental cars…etc). The app gathers exclusive benefits and discounts for tennis players. The creators of the app are tennis players who have experienced the expensive cost of competing and travelling and wanted to create a platform that tennis players can use when travelling to obtain benefits and better prizes.


Globatalent is another app that allows you to access discounts on sports products, buy tickets and invest in young athletes, as well as what can be expected from the best in mobile banking with no charges or commissions. Globatalent is also a Neobank that allows fans to invest in, and earn from the success of sports talent around the world. Fans are able to sponsor young athletes and obtain a percentage from their future careers


Playsight provides top technology to broadcast live streams of your tennis practices, games, and matches in HD. They convert a tennis court into a 'SmartCourt' including features such as; line calling, instant multi-angle video replays, and specific statistics about each shot. Besides, PlaySight has an app that allows you to Livestream your practices or matches and shares them with whoever you want.


Slinger bag is a revolutionary ball launcher that serves as a multi-functional tennis bag easy to carry or roll it. It has storage to transport 144 tennis balls, your wallet, keys, towel, or water bottle.


TopCourt is a new platform that offers online instruction, drills, stories, and much more... from famous tennis players of all skill levels. They use high-quality videos to create an online tennis academy with top coaches and pros.

QLIPP Qlipp is the first smart dampener which acts as a tennis performance sensor, measuring every part of your stroke, analyzing the spin, speed, and sweet spot accuracy. It also provides video analysis and it can be connected to your mobile device.

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