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Choosing the right tennis coach

Tennis coaches have an extremely important impact on the development of a player´s career, that is why choosing the right coach is a very important decision.

Independently of the player´s talent, the coach will be in charge of the player's development and unleash his full potential. Tennis involves many aspects such as technic, tactics, conditioning, and mental game. That is why the player is going to spend a lot of time with the coach and it is important to find the right person to work with on a daily basis and create trust.


The first and most important quality for a coach is Passion. A coach needs to have passion and motivation for their work, their players, and their improvement. A coach without passion not only will not make players improve but can also spread their lack of enthusiasm to the players. Besides, a motivated coach will find a solution to the problems that exist in the way. Passion is contagious and motivation is easy to recognize, that is why, when choosing a coach look for the passion that transmits and puts into his work.


Moreover, it is also extremely important the experience and knowledge, coaches do not necessarily need to have been good players themselves, but it is true that coaches with professional playing experience can understand better their players and transmit their knowledge and competition situations better.

It is important that the coach has experience coaching, at least 5 years of coaching experience is recommendable because it means that it has faced different situations and different players' approaches so it is easier that is ready to make players improve and fix problems that might exist and has previously faced. Also, you need to ensure that he has experience coaching players of the same level as you. His professional experience might also be a good indicator of the quality of the coach but not always means that he is going to be the right person.


Reputation is not a quality needed but it can be a good indicator of a coach. Find his reputation by talking with players and other coaches who know him and have worked with him, do not take the information literally. Collect the information and make your own assumptions, other people´s opinions can be a great hint to know about the coaching style and personality.


Competition is important and motivates players to compete and play against other players or even play outside of the hours of lessons. A good coach must understand that tennis is all about competing and learning to compete, that is why the coach must be present during competitions and work with the players throughout the competition.


Goal-oriented coach means that before you start training, you talk with the coach and decide how much you are going to train. A good coach will help you to build a goal and pursue them. The goal does not mean results, goal-oriented means that through training technical, mental, and physical goals will be pursued to improve daily. Coaches that give promises about results are normally a bad indicator.


The personality of the coach is also essential to creating a good relationship between player and coach. A good relationship is key for the development, a good coach must keep a relationship where the player feels he can communicate, ask questions, and be part of the process of the development. Also, the coach must teach values that go beyond the tennis technic or tactic, values such as discipline or professionalism must be present in the relationship, besides the coach must be a referent of these values, because one can not teach something that does not replicate himself, a coach teaches with the example.

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