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College Tennis VS Professional Tennis

Every time more Junior players are going to College in the USA

Nowadays junior players have to decide whether to go pro or go to college in the USA. We say the USA because it is the only country that offers scholarships and has a whole system developed to play competitive sports and study for a degree.

The increase of junior players choosing to go to college instead of trying to go pro has increased so much in the last years and it has become the most common path for a junior player after finishing high school but there are good reasons for it. It is true that becoming a professional tennis player is extremely difficult and expensive, but it is also a long process that most players can not afford.

The average of entry on the top 100 nowadays is 23 years old, which means that players are going to be playing during 4-5 years on the circuit without really making money, the average age has changed because people mature later and tennis is so demanding mentally and physically that it requires a process of maturation and development that most players have to go through.

The exception still exists

There are exceptions, superstars such as Felix Auger-Aliassime who with only 18 years old entered the top 100, but this is becoming the exception. There is no anymore Rafa Nadal´s winning Grand Slams at 18 years old. That is why College Tennis is becoming the choice of preference for Junior players that want to still play tennis.

College tennis offers Junior players to keep competing for 4 years at a high level with a scholarship and not spending money as they would be doing on the tour. It also provides all the resources a player needs in terms of facilities, equipment, physiotherapy, or physical training, and it allows them to study for a degree in case tennis does not work. The level of college tennis might not be as competitive as professional tennis but every time the level is becoming higher and the statistics show it, more players are becoming pros after college and the college players are being successful on the ATP tour.

College Tennis is most of the time the best option

That is why, having everything into account, we consider that college is the best option in 90% of the cases. If you are a top junior player in the world and you are having success on professional tournaments, it would be logical to keep playing professionally, because it is true that pro tennis is more demanding than college tennis, especially the individual part of it.

In college tennis, you are on a team, everything is taken care of for you, practices, matches, and you have a team behind you. On the circuit you are alone, you are by yourself competing every week somewhere, managing everything by yourself and learning to manage this as soon as possible can be very helpful for a player. But for most of the players, College provides the perfect platform to develop their game, mature mentally and physically, study for a degree, and then if they want, try to go pro.

Taking into account that 99% of tennis players that play and compete do not make it into the TOP100, college is a great option. And if you are a tennis player and you are wondering if you would like the experience to play college or studying in your country of origin, we would suggest to not lose the opportunity that USA and college tennis offer and at least give it a try for a year because it is something unique. You will be able to be part of a team, represent the university, feel like a professional athlete, study in a different environment, and live incredible experiences out of the court.

There are universities for all types of players

There are plenty of universities in the USA, which provides opportunities for all type of players, according to your level you will have many different options, but there are universities for everyone who plays tennis competitively independently of your level. Depending on your profile and what you are looking for, you can choose stronger universities in studies and weaker in tennis or the opposite.

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