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Rafa Nadal, the importance of role models


On Sunday June 5th 2022, Rafael Nadal conquered his 14th Roland Garros and 22th Grand Slam. The success of Rafael goes far beyond the tennis court and in an era where values such as the effort, sacrifice, and discipline seem to be distorted and young stars such as Nick Kirgyos are more attractive for young players than the resistance and solidity of players such as Nadal, results are still confirming the importance of work and perseverance.

We live in a time where we want everything short and fast, young players watch highlights and pay attention to underarm serves or tweeners and do not pay attention to the concentration between points or the discipline of the players. That is why Nadal is a revindication of the values that can make players strong in their tennis, mentally, and most importantly in their life. Nadal is the best referent a kid can have because he represents values that can be copied such as effort, sacrifice, or discipline. A kid can not pretend to copy Federer because he represents the talent, and talent is something natural that some people have and others do not, and very few are born with the talent to do the shots and tennis the same way as Federer. But kids can copy the way Nadal trains, behaves, competes, and fight.

Copying these traits will give players much bigger chances to become better players and develop their tennis in the direction needed. Moreover, players such as Nadal are not only a good example for tennis but also for life in general. Apply Nadal´s attitudes to our daily lives, and learning the lessons Nadal teaches throughout his tennis career will help players to face difficult situations in life.


The role of parents and coaches is to incentivize players to copy and take as an example player that can be copied, we all know that talent is a gift only a few have, and is not possible to replicate. But kids can replicate values and attitudes, and these traits are what can make players exploit their talents to the maximum potential. The main goal of any player should be to reach his maximum potential, something that very few people are able to do, and focusing on attitudes and values rather than tennis talent will give them bigger chances to accomplish this.

Therefore, role models can have such a great impact on the development of players, we have seen how generations or even countries have developed players thanks to having good role models and referents. Currently, there are many role models kids can choose from and it is important to make them understand the importance of what they need to pay attention to. The role models we have in life are important but especially for tennis players role models can make you grow or frustrate you.

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