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Top Tennis Circuits in Spain

Best Tennis Junior Circuits For All Age Groups Played All Around Spain

Spain has the best and most players when it comes to the young ones. Spain has so many good players in every age group that players from all around the world come to test and compare themselves against the Spanish.

(All circuits are for boys and girls)

U12 - U14

Rafa Nadal Tour

The Rafa Nadal Tour is played all around Spain, there are 6 tournaments played all around Spain and the top 8 at the end of the tour play a master between them at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar where you get to see and use all the beautiful facilities the Academy has to offer; and if you make it there, Rafa will personally give you the trophy. Players from all around the world come to play these tournaments because the best of Spain will play them. A very fun tour, they emphasize a lot of values, such as effort, respect, discipline, etc. The best U12 and U14 are sure to play in these tournaments. Make sure to check them out.


U10 - U12 - U14 Warriors Tour

Warriors Tour contains 12 tournaments played all around Spain. You get the chance to earn sponsorships with some brands. A very fun tour where very good players from all around Spain play and demonstrate a fantastic level for their age.



Marca Jovenes Promesas

Marca tournaments are also played all around Spain. They have qualifying draws, for those who don't enter the main draw with their ranking. 14 tournaments are played throughout the year.


Mutua Madrid Open Sub -16

Draws of only 16 players. No qualifying. Played on three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 16 tournaments are played throughout Spain between June and March. The 16 winners will compete at the same time as the Masters 100 in Madrid, they will share the locker rooms, courts, and restaurants with the best players in the world.



IBP Tennis Series

The IBP circuit is the only circuit in Spain that offers prize money in every tournament. Hospitality is included in some tournaments. Professional ATP players compete in the IBP Series.


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