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UTR, A new gobal ranking system


UTR or Universal Tennis Rating is a relatively new ranking created in 2008 as a private company which has gained special importance during the last years. It was created by Dave Howell in Virginia, inspired by the French ranking and tournament system where all types of players can play the same tournament but they will enter the tournament in different rounds according to their ranking and level, ensuring level-based play.

It has grown incredibly fast and it is a ranking where every single player has a rating from Roger Federer to an amateur who plays at his local club, both are in the same ranking and have a rating. That is why, as mentioned by the company ¨UTR allows to play locally and count globally¨.

They use an algorithm that measures your level by your results in tournaments, counting matches, sets, and games won and lost. The more matches you play the more exact the algorithm will be and the more accurate rating of your level will be provided. The rating goes from a scale of 0 to 16 where everyone is included independently of gender age or nationality, having currently number one in the rating Rafael Nadal with a rating of 15.94.

In order to be part of UTR, a player needs to play or compete in any tournament that is certified by UTR, every month more tournaments are added and they currently include results from more than 8 million matches and more than 200 countries. There are around 800,000 players in the world with UTR.


UTR can dramatically change the way federations and national ranking have been working for years, globalizing a ranking where every player and every tournament can join and be part of it. Also, UTR wants to help promote professional tennis and they have launched their new circuit of professional tournaments named UTR Pro Tennis Tour investing 20 million $ to create around 140 events around the world in the next 3 years. It is going to be an alternative to the future tournaments creating more opportunities for the first stage of professional tennis.


UTR has also changed dramatically the way and tools college coaches use to recruit players, and UTR has been established as the number one reference a college coach use in order to know the level of a player and possibly recruit him. Before college coaches had to analyze if a player had played any international event, and check their national rankings without complete knowledge of the different national rankings, the video, and other results of a player. It was difficult for a coach to have a completely accurate idea of a player with so many variables, that is why UTR has simplified a lot the process allows coaches to compare players by their rating and have a fast and clear idea of a player's level.

UTR has become the number one tool for college coaches, and it seems like it is going to keep growing as more tournaments and countries are adding UTR to their national and local tournaments. Therefore we recommend players who want to play college tennis to try to play UTR events or tournaments verified by UTR because it will help them to have a more accurate rating and coaches will recruit based on this rating.

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